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Exiting Gift Ideas for Your Fitness Fanatic Friend: Monthly Fit Boxes, Books and More

We all have that one friend in life, who shares a very lovable and most importantly a committed and irreplaceable relationship with gym or yoga. Waking up at 5 am for daily jog, and hitting the gym for after the work hours is something very common to him, and inseparable part of life. These health nuts are found everywhere, and you need a lot to contemplate to gift them on their birthdays as buying something for them becomes bit tricky.

Monthly Clothing Box

From the equipments to the monthly subscription boxes, today the online way offers you a lot of exciting and amazing ideas to entice your friend on his birthday, and hence you will not fall short of options to surprise him.

When it comes to these options, here are some of them covered to help you out amidst the dilemma.

Cutting-edge equipments

From the pushups, to the dumbbells and the other gym equipments,   one gets galore of options to choose from when it comes to gifting gym equipments to someone. These advanced and hi-fi equipments come in different brands and an array of functionalities, so that you can choose the one which is in tune with the requirements and preferences of your fitness freak friend. Bank on the ones which are equipped with advanced technological features to get the best results.

High definition shoes

Shoes form an important part of workout sessions be it while jogging or while doing the pushups and lifting weights at the gym session. Thus, make sure your friend gets a comfortable and convenient experience while working out. Gift the person something cushiony and light weight with a great and sturdy grip, so that they are breathable enough to help the wearer exercise rigorously and also run errands. Make sure that they are fashionable and novel to look at, as the shoes must be wearable anywhere to carry the athleisure trend successfully.

Epic awesome subscription fitness boxes

Today, there is a fresh new trend of subscribing to the online subscription sites and getting a new way of adding some fun and poise to the daily workout sessions. Why don’t you get this monthly subscription done for your friend as a very unique birthday gift? Each month these online service providers deliver to the doorstep the fun and fashion forward men monthly clothing box goodies and also for the women, the chic and bold best monthly boxes for women.

These boxes contain the high quality and trendy fashionable workout outfits, and also accessories and some have nutrition supplements. Good for the fitness regimes, these can act as great medium to motivate your closed one to hit the gym with brand new style quotients every day, in the form of printed leggings , mesh jackets , colored vests , sports bras and many more. Thus, how would it be to see the smile on your friend’s face every month opening the door to get these surprising goodie boxes outside? Cheap and affordable, they also have the service of offers through rewards and gift cards.

Informational books

Render some more information and knowledge to your fitness freak friend with popular books written by famous authors.   These books can be tips on diet, postures, or inspirational ones on the life stories of the top-notch fitness fanatics.


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