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Fitness Subscription Boxes- A Friendly Reminder to Live a Healthy Life

In the fast paced world where people are time-starved and needs to be reminded every once in a while “Hey, don’t you have a family…” the emergence of fitness subscription boxes is nothing short of blessing to many.

fitness subscription box

Delivered right at your door steps every month, not only these boxes surprise with high utility goodies but fairly put, they are also the great source of motivation that reminds you to live a healthy and fitting life.

9 to 5 Work life is taking a toll on your life…

Leading a 9 to 5 life has always been a regular (and normal) lifestyle for majority. But it is only recently has the researchers found its cons and effects on health. Studies have found employees working more than 50 hours a week are more likely to have reduced physical and mental well-being. Another study found, people working more than 10 hours a day have 60 per cent higher risk of heart-related problems.

Add to these fatal risks that physical pain, round-up bellies, and of course the high-flying stress level that desk-based jobs cause. Working out, even lightly, on alternate days, if not every day, is a must for everyone.

…And so are Snapchat and Netflix

While the desk jobs have fatal health effects, internet is no less. For the employees, whatever time escapes from their day job goes to social sites and binge-watching. Studies show, teenagers spend about 27 hours a week online (and 9 hours a day on media). College students spend anywhere near 8-10 hours daily on cell phone.

No wonder, today more than one-third of US population is considered to be obese. There are about 2.1 billion people in the world who are either obese or overweight. This of course has many health repercussions. Heart diseases, cancer and the ever-so-high stress level to name a few.

Fitness Boxes- A positive reminder in your pseudo-busy life

Sure working out won’t solve all the health issues that this generation faces. However it would definitely keep a check on it, eventually decreasing the rate. And likely this is one of the biggest reasons why fitness subscription boxes have become a buzzed about thing among the working professionals and students today; reminding them of a healthy lifestyle, and psychologically pushing them to hit the gym and tracks.

So if you think your busy and pseudo-busy life that includes sitting at office desk and Snapchatting and Netfixing is taking a toll on your health and yet you’re reluctant to do anything about it because you lack the necessary motivation, subscribe to a good fitness subscription box today.


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