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6 Effective Ways To Get More From Your Workout Routine

Ever wondered why some people manage to shed or gain more muscles faster than the rest? Maybe you and your workout buddy started working out the same time; however, few months later, she has managed to lose more body weight than you. HOW?

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Nope, nothing’s wrong with the weighing machine!

Wrong is what and how you’re doing things during (and after) your workout sessions. There are few winning ways that are known to improve the effectiveness of workout—ways, that only the professionals know and apply. And you’re about to know now!

You can easily make your same training even more effective to get better results… faster results. Excited yet?

Here are 7 such ways that would help you make the most of your workout routine-

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  1. Don’t Over-Workout – Too enthusiastic in the new venture, many beginners over-spend their time at the gym. And unless you’re preparing for the lifting Olympics, it’s not recommended. 30-40 minutes is more than adequate. Remember, less time in high-intensity (HIIT) workout sessions is more effective than spending hours at the gym and taking too many breaks for muscles to recover.
  1. Circuit Training – Muscles grow only when you’re pushing them beyond their known limits. Meaning, giving them breaks in the middle of workout, however comforting, is something that you should avoid. Comes in circuit training when you go from one exercise to another without taking breaks in between. Pick a range of HIIT exercises and continue with them without resting in between.
  1. Do Cardio – Sure lifting and flexing your muscles might look manly in front of your lady crush, it is however quite ineffective unless you mix the strength training with cardio. Cardio pumps up your heart rate which burns the calories and fat much faster. Also increasing your endurance, it significantly improves your HIIT sessions.
  1. Mix Things Up – Not only doing the same sets of exercise is boring but also, after a time, it gets ineffective. So mixing things up is an important key here. Do different workouts in different sets. Also set days when you’re going to focus on strength training and when on cardio.
  1. Run In The Morning – Running in the morning is more rewarding than at the evening. The air quality is much fresher and cooler, which makes you feel much better… happier. This indirectly affects your metabolism and improves the effectiveness of running. Besides, not just your health, starting early every day is something that could improve your whole life.
  1. Avoid Over-Consuming Protein – Protein is known to help rebuild the muscles. And this is why you see many gulp-down protein shakes after workout sessions. However, research has found the excess in-take of protein is not good; it gets stored as body fat, which is totally the opposite to your fitness goals.


  1. Subscribe To Fitness Boxes – While professionals don’t need professional, they however need someone to keep them motivated and inspired for a healthy lifestyle. And this is why you will see today thousands of muscle-men and women subscribe to workout clothes monthly box that also includes high utility accessories and nutrition supplements. So, go for these monthly workout clothes subscription of top and renowned service providers.

These are 6 (plus bonus) ways that could help you make the most of your workout sessions—help you achieve more and achieve faster with the same amount of time spent at the gym.


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