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5 Things You Must Ask Before Subscribing To Your Fit Box

Subscription fitness and workout boxes are making a massive impact on the global population that is dedicated towards a better and healthier future. At present, there are a number of worthy options available for enthusiasts from a range of different providers, each of which offer different sets of products to suit different workout, fitness and health requirements. To ensure that you have landed with the most suitable fitness boxes options, here is a small list of factors that you must enquire upon before signing up for the same…

Box for fitness

Customizability – Not all fit boxes are customizable. There are some that let you bank on the better judgement of the providers about what is best for you. If you have chosen UN-customizable options it is mandatory that you check the details of the products that have featured in the months before. If it suits you, go right ahead.

What it contains – Basically, fitness and workout boxes are meant to contain an optimum mix of workout accessories, apparels and health supplements in different forms. If your box is more inclined towards one aspect in comparison with the other, you must ensure its applicability before subscribing to the same.

Gender based or unisex – You also need to determine whether your chosen box for fitness is unisex or gender based both of which are available very easily these days. You can go through the details of the previous month boxes to determine suitability.

Cancellations and extensions – While subscribing to fit boxes can be easy, unsubscribing can often get a little messy. More often than not, dependable providers ensure that the process is nothing more than a one click affair. However, the ease should also be persistent when it comes to extending your subscription say from 3 months to 6 months or even a year.

Cost – Last but not the least, you need to determine if the cost of the parcel is worth the products that are being delivered. If you feel you are paying too much for too little, any time could be a good time for cancellations.


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