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9 Things That Makes The Path To A Healthy Life Bumpy

While there are no secrets to a healthy lifestyle, only a handful of people can really boast “I am in the best physical shape”. Ever wondered why?

In fact, research shows that less than 3 per cent of Americans meet the basic qualifications for a “healthy lifestyle”.

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The problem is not that people don’t know ‘how to’. The web is plagued with tips and tricks— eat healthy, sleep more, exercise, read (yes it helps more than you think), do yoga and what not. The problem is that people are indifferent to obstacles that stop them from their quest to a fit and happy life; obstacles that make their path to a healthy life bumpy.

What are they? We tell you.

  1. Too much talking

Talking too much, and that unnecessarily, is not only absurd but equally bad on your emotional health. It distorts your inner peace, which affects how you feel about things, leading to poor health.

  1. No reliable relation

Having people around who you can trust is important. While you might like living alone, you must have at least one person in your life who you can trust and rely anytime and every time.

  1. Marrying your Smartphone

Gadgets are important in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we marry them— wake up with Smartphone and sleep with it. It’s no secret anymore that spending too much time with technology risks your health.

  1. Not learning

Education stops when you stop going to school or college—learning don’t! You must be a lifelong learner to keep your mental health intact. So learn new things everyday- news, about places and more.

  1. No personal life

Admittedly, your job and career is a big part of your life. But that doesn’t mean it should take over your personal life. Distinct between them! Don’t take your work to home. Make time for yourself and for your family.

  1. Irregular health checkups

Do you know up to 90 per cent of cancer could be wiped out by avoiding triggers? That’s how important regular health checkup can be. So don’t wait till you’re sick; head to your doctor regularly for checkups.

  1. Making breakfast your lunch

There’s a reason why people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and why you have been told countless times to have a proper breakfast. So don’t have this meal during lunch time; have breakfast on time and the correct amount.

  1. Having no life

In a humble tone—have a life. Stop caring about others and what they are thinking and doing. Get involved in your own life. Have a hobby, go outdoor and strive to enjoy the little moments.

  1. Lack of motivation

Living a healthy life is not possible if you lack motivation. You must be motivated to hit the gym, track and to workout. You can opt for best fitness subscription box. Today there exist many service providers in USA who deliver health and fitness subscription box cum box of motivation at a very affordable price range.

These are 9 things that make the path to a healthy and happy life a bumpy one. Now you know, you know what to do. Get rid of these bumps and stride towards a better tomorrow.


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