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Track Your Well-Being with the Latest Gadgets in the Fitbox

It is safe to declare that we live in a world that is primarily controlled by computers. From the simplest aspects of life to the immensely complicated ones, everything is run by gadgets. Though the incorporation of this tech has made our lives easy, they have made a recent plunge into the fitness world revolutionising it beyond imagination.

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The subscription box offers a variety of products including the very popular monthly fitness clothing box. With the latest tech available, here is a list of high end gadgets that come with the fitness box, adding to your delight.

Smart wrist bands

We all like to keep a track of the activities we undertake during the course of day and smart wrist bands are the right tool for the same purpose. Designed with soft rubber that fits all wrist sizes, they are loaded with the latest machinery. From setting alarms to displaying our daily calorie consumption, they are utilitarian and multipurpose. They are devised to keep record of a variety of exercises you commence. So be it going for a brisk evening walk or sweating it out on the yoga mat, you can measure your performance. These waterproof bands come with LED display and little buttons that add to their resourcefulness. You can easily connect them to your IPhones or Androids using Bluetooth. All you need to do is download the application on your phone for the best working out experience.


Who doesn’t like a little background music when working out?Well figuratively speaking, we all immensely enjoy some pumped up music that can provide us with the required motivation and a good song list becomes our best buddies when trying to bid adieu to the unhealthy life. Featuring high storage capacity, the iPods come with a pre-installed playlist. Though you can modify it as they come with USB portals and cords that is compatible with all computers and laptops. It also has a Bluetooth option that further helps you to connect it with your device and transfer songs. The iPods ensure a sturdy built, which gives it a long durability. Moreover, the audio jack is well-matched with all headphones, rendering them an easy use.

Heart rate Chest straps

The higher your heart beats when exercising, the greater are your opportunities of losing that stubborn extra pound. You can now easily keep a record of your heart beat with this advanced heart rate chest straps. You just need to carefully attach them to your chest before going for your session. They can be connected with the wrist bands or your smartphones that displays in quadrants your activities. They are extremely practical and accurate, giving you a fair idea about your performance. The strap can be further controlled with ease using the phone, like when to start or stop measuring your heart beat, making their addition to the fitness collection a must.

Weighing Scale

Working out without having the slightest idea about your advancement is no progress at all. Hence, the weighing scale is a smart accumulation in the fitbox. It comes with electronic display which ensures high level of accuracy. It is extremely light weight making its use easy. It is durable owing to its sturdy make.

All these gadgets will give you the nudge and help you make an unconventional start. A variety of websites offering trendyclothing as part of fitbox clothing along with cool gadgets will help you redefine your life, giving it a healthy and strong approach.


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