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Top 3 Fitbox Choices for The Fitness Maniac

The subscription box has gained immense popularity in the recent years with big brands delivering the best products to your doorstep every month. The fitness box is fit for all those lazy bones who require a little nudge to get up and get going. Though the boxes are reputed for their element of surprise, here is a list of 3 boxes that cater to your specific taste.

workout clothes monthly box

Clothing box

Containing the best workout garments available in the market, the workout clothes monthly box is every gym goers dream come true. At times, the primarily focus can be on apparel where experts handpick modish clothing to suit one’s taste and preferences. It is of pivotal importance that subsistent amount of attention is paid to the gym clothes. They should be comfortable and breathable with a tinge of style to satisfy your fashion conscious side. T-shirts, sweatpants, sports bra, footwear and gloves, the box has it all! The clothes are made of superior quality materials that absorb sweat and moist, making them perfect for the extensive workout sessions.They display a wide palette of neon and blacks and greys that is further adorned by a set unique prints and patterns. The gym garments are versatile for they can be worn to casual occasions as well. Accessorise properly and you will be ready to make a style statement, both in and out of the gym.

Gadget box

Particularly assembled for the gadget freaks, a special box usually comes with a surprise element. The contents of this high-end box include smart wrist bands, scales, heart straps and so on. They are fitted with the latest technology. With LED display and buttons that control the operations, they are practical and convenient.They are compatible with iPhones and Androids which ensure smooth usage. Also, their electronic mechanisms provide extreme accuracy, giving you a fair idea about your performance of that particular day. They are composed of sturdy components making them durable and long- lasting. Furthermore, the smart designs lend them a sleek and lustrous finish. Hence, you can easily wear them to all occasions without fearing to look repugnant.

Food and supplement box

Deemed safe to be consumed by the specialists, the special food and supplement box has everything that a fitness freak requires. Just training hard will not help you reach the peak of good health, combining it with a proper diet is of utmost importance. Including protein bars, supplements, health drinks, and a variety of dry foods, the box satisfies the taste buds while taking care of your diet. Avocados, nuts, raisins, dates, apple cider vinegar and many other snacks adorn the box making it the perfect object of admiration for all those who are looking forward to shed some weight without compromising on the flavour. The protein bars and energy drinks are best when consumed before hitting the gym for they overload the body with drive and vitality helping you to perform well. The supplements are available suiting the kind of exercise you undertake, for the requirement vary from person to person. This box will only amplify your workout process giving you the desired results.

The variety of subscription makes you spoiled for choice. With monthly workout clothes subscription or the gadget subscription, you can be the epitome of well-being. So get your subscription today from reputed websites online and choose a healthy life.


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