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5 Psychological Tricks to Drag Yourself to Gym Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

First few days, you enthusiastically hit the gym. Then that interest starts simmering down slowly. And finally comes a time when you don’t want to workout, excusing lack of time. These are some very common phases for everyone who starts heading to the gym with slight unrealistic expectations.

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While the ones with a stronger will somehow manage to survive this abstract feel and continue with the gym, others eventually quit in their endeavor for a fit and healthy life.

Are you tired of hitting the gym every day? Doing the same sets and reps feels like a burden? About to cancel your gym membership?

We’ve got something for you.

There are few ways that can change your mindset; ways to make you fall in love with working out again and to bring out the same fervor you showed on your first day at the gym. Here are 5 simple but solid psychological ways-

1. Maintain a Workout Log

It’s a simple fact – some might even call it cliché – that knowing where you are, where you have to head, and how much you have covered is highly motivating in covering how much is left. Meaning, tracking your progress is important to have a sense of direction and motivation. So maintain a workout log. Smartphone apps would do just fine.

Track everything, from your weight to your calorie intake. And improve yourself every day. Seeing this significant improvement, you’ll be enthused to keep it, which will take you to the gym daily.

2. Create a Solid Playlist

Songs do much more than just soothe you when you’re bored. The right ones can hit the right chords in your mind to make you feel a certain way. So have you been listening to country music while working out, no wonder you’re bored. You need the beats to psyche you up, and Brad Paisley, Hozier and Bruno Mars would do very less here.

So take some time and create a solid high-beat playlist. Of course, Eminem’s Lose Yourself and Till I Collapse, as well as Rocky’s theme ‘Eye of the Tiger’ are nno-brainer There exist many other motivational songs; look around!

3. Subscribe to Work Out Box

Monthly fitness and workout boxes have become the favorite for millions of fitness enthusiasts across the world. These boxes packs high-performance workout and running apparels, as well as other utility accessories like water bottles and gym bags. Also, these boxes include nutritious food supplements. Once subscribed, they are delivered every 30 days to your door step. And with all these goodies lying around your room, and knowing that you have spent money on them, it would automatically boost your energy, pushing you towards the gym even when you don’t feel like it.

So subscribe to a good monthly workout box today.

4. Sweat With a Friend

There are separate online platforms to help you find the best workout buddies. Ever wondered why? Because working out with friends by your side is much motivating. Plus it’s more exciting and fun that would automatically melt away your boredom.

They would push you beyond your limits. Seeing them do better would make you want to continue even when you’re exhausted. So sweat with a friend. Have him or her ‘clang and bang’ with you at the gym everyday. Compete on who can do more sets (don’t go nuts though).

5. Visualize The Future-You

In the moments of exhaustion, it is very common to lose focus of your goals. The temporary pain of waking up early morning, dragging yourself to the gym with drowsiness still in your head and sticking to a strict diet, all helps you lose your vision of ‘why are you working out’ in the first place. So remind yourself ‘why’; you want to cut some weight, get fit and want a healthy future. Picture how you would look in your best shape and how it would change your entire life. Keep dreaming; backed with your hard work, it will eventually turn into reality.

These are 5 simple (but super effective) psychological tricks to kill your workout fatigue easily and make yourself fall in love with the gym again. Good luck!




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