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5 Essentials To Get In Shape In First 3 Months Of 2017

It’s that time of the year already when we make New Year’s Resolution. And much like the previous years, “get in shape” would make it to the top of the list for us majority.

Are you planning to get in shape in 2017? Want to make next year your healthiest one?

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While sure you might have made up your mind with an unfailing will, things are easier thought and said than done– something, with past experiences, you already know. Striding towards a healthy lifestyle needs more than what beginners believe; nothing, however, that they can’t do, though.

So to set you off on the right path and to help you (finally) succeed your New Year’s Resolution this time, we’re here to help. Here are 5 essentials you need to get in shape in the first 3 months of 2017-

Fitness apps– No more are Smartphone fitness applications luxury; they are now essential. They help you keep track of your workout, diets and everything (minutes you walk, sit, sleep and more). And maintaining a log to keep track of your progress is very important to know where you were, where you are and where you want to go.

Workout buddy– Having someone by your side to workout with you can be very comforting, particularly for the newbies who often find themselves ‘out of place’ among the hard-hitters at the gym. So pick a friend to workout with you in 2017. There are even dedicated online platforms that can help you find buddies who are on the same quest and are on the same level as you.

High-performance apparels– The significance of good quality workout apparels couldn’t be stressed more. Offering ease and comfort with their wicking and ventilation properties, they help you perform better and longer. So invest in good clothes. You can even opt for monthly subscription boxes for fitness that includes not just workout outfits but also few other utility items and nutritious supplements.

Motivation– You want to achieve something, you will need motivation. Else the scenario is rather simple, you hit the gym first few days enthusiastically, then you eventually get bored of everything about it; this leaves you right where you started from. There are many things you can do to keep yourself motivated- like listen to psyche songs, shuffle your workout routine often, don’t have unrealistic expectations, best fitness subscription box and don’t compare you with other fitness buffs.

Trainer– Granted, fitness apps, workout buddies, and all those online training videos can help you significantly in achieving your fitness goals. But if you want to see some striking change quickly, you definitely need to talk to a good trainer. So when filling-in gym membership form, opt for a trainer. If not, you can also consult online fitness coaches who could offer you some personalized advice, diet charts, training routine, and other stuff to help you on your way to a fit life ahead.

These are 5 essentials you need to get in shape in the first three months of 2017. Again, it won’t be easier- if it was, everyone would be ZacEfron and Emma Roberts-like. Push through the sweats and stick to your goals until you finally achieve it. Make this next year the healthiest in your life.


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