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What to do when you don’t want to go to gym anymore? 11 Immediate steps

While you may have started to hit the gym with the pinnacle of your excitement and somehow managed to keep the same enthusiasm for months maybe, now, you’ve just hit the rock bottom of your ‘workout life’ and don’t want to continue to the gym.

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THIS IS NORMAL!! And it happens with nearly everyone.

Over the course, many people lose their interest in pursuit of their dream for a perfect health and happier life. Once exciting, the gym becomes a boring place; workout feels like a drag. And there could be plenty of reasons behind that.

If you’re in the same situation, worry not; you’re not alone. What you do next is important. Here are 11 immediate steps to help you get back on track, to the gym, with the same zeal and interest-

Change your workout program– Same workout program is an ultimate enthusiasm killer. No wonder pros always recommend mixing things up in your regimen. So have you been following the same sets of rep and weightlifting, add something new to the routine.

Shift the timing– You would be surprised just how refreshed you’ll feel at the gym by just shifting your timing. With new faces around, you’ll be more energetic and dedicated when working out. So if you hit the gym in the morning, make evening your new time for few days.

Go to a different gym– Seeing the same people, same environment and same machines every day can bore even the coolest of minds. Maybe that’s the reason you don’t want to go to the gym now. So get the membership of another gym.

Run in the park– This applies even when you’re not bored. Instead of going on the treadmill every day, run in the park occasionally. Under the sun, with greenery around, you’ll feel much refreshed and filled with joy.

Shuffle your playlist– Hearing the same list of songs is another big reason why you might be bored of your gym hours. So, regardless how motivating those songs are, get rid of them and add new and psychedelic songs.

Pick fitness monthly subscription boxFit box subscription is already hailed even by pros. Delivered to your home every30 days, these boxes pack high-end (but affordable) goodies to keep you excited, including high-performance fitness apparels and cool accessories like water bottles and gym bags. They can sure bring back your lost interest.

Talk to your trainer or partner– Liked mentioned already, there could be plenty of reasons why you’ve lost interest in your gym. So who better to talk about it than with your trainer or/and (experienced) workout buddy!? Often, they can help you identify the real problem and solve it.

Lower your expectations– You’re disheartened because you haven’t managed to get 6-pack abs in 2 months like you’ve dreamed of. You wanted to buff-up in just weeks. These unrealistic expectations can be a real motivation killer. Not seeing evident outcome can put you down. So sit back and relax your expectations.

Are you paying too much’– Often, the high membership fee of your gym can be quite bothersome—more so if you aren’t seeing any evident changes. So if you are paying too much, look for other options in your locality.

Are you too strict on your diet’– Many people, to achieve their short-term fitness goals, besides working out obsessively, also cuts extensively in their diet. Needless to say, this only helps so much. As the day passes, things get much difficult—to an extent that you want to give up working out. Eating healthy and sufficiently is very important. And cutting back on it is going to do more harm than good.

Take a vacation– When nothing works, go on a vacation. Few days off and away from everything –from the gym and your routine life can (and will) refill you with enthusiasm to continue with your daily chores energetically.

These are 11 things you should do immediately if you’ve lost interest in your gym and even wants to quit. Hopefully, you’ll be glued back to your fitness regimen and on your quest for a healthier and happier life.




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