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4 Clothing Rules for Boxing That the Subscription Box Totally Nailed!

It was not until last year that people realised how great boxing was. (All credits goes to the crazy Olympics deportment in Rio) and since then, it has been a steady journey. Honestly, we all are addicted to boxing. There are reasons to support our undulling love it. It works up the entire body, builds muscles, heightens strength and also helps us get rid of that extra pound which we shamelessly put on last month by gorging on many delicacies. And since the trend of getting a subscription box is totally in demand, you will be surprised by the contents as they cater to your boxing classes needs by providing the best clothes, food and equipment.

fitness clothing subscription boxes

With varying contents, the concept of a fitbox never fails to surprise. Once again, getting all the correct clothing ingredients for a comfortable high intensity boxing class is necessary and the fit box makes your dream come true. Without much effort, you can now get all of it sitting home, delivered to you at your doorstep every month. Assembled by experts, the fit box nails all the clothing essentials for boxing that can be summed as follows.

Show some legs please

As pointed out earlier, boxing works your enter body and that means you are going to sweat. Sweat a lot actually! Wearing a pair of leggings might not serve you the best in this sticky situation. So providing the ultimate solution, the fitbox includes a pair of shorts! These are crafted from high quality blended fabrics which absorbs sweat, keeps you dry and highlights comfort. The wide leg holes make sure that there is enough space for you to stretch with ease and that you can breathe when making things intense. Another added advantage, you can actually flaunt some skin and show off your toned sexy legs.

Keep your skin close, your assets closer

So we have seen in movies or advertisements that when the perfect specimen of a woman boxes, she wears that low cut top that shows off her cleavage. No matter how alluring that may be, be careful ladies. You would definitely not want to wear loose and low hanging tops for they are only obstructions to your otherwise fully charged sessions. Opting for t-shirts or sports bras that offer high compression is a necessity. Fitness clothes subscription box actually packs this punch and makes things easier. Tight tops will not only make things more comfortable for you, but will allow free movement of your body.

Shoes do matter!

If you are not boxing on a mat, your shoes will be the most important piece of your outfit ensemble for this intense regime includes a lot of pivoting and bouncing, most of it on the balls of your feet. So if you do not want to end up with a sprain or serious damage to your legs, choose a pair wisely. The pair that comes in the box offers cushion in the inner soles for that will control the blow and effectively reduce the damage. Do not wear your running shoes, for you will want something that it light in weight and allows you to flex your feet with ease.

Everything in black and white

Sweat and boxing go hand in hand. There is no twisted fact to it. Boxing can get very messy and clammy, and you definitely do not want to end up with sweat patches all over your clothes. But there is a perfect solution for every problem that pops up. Stick to black and white! They are best when it comes to hiding those awful looking patches. Steer clear of any pastel shades for they will make things worse.

Boxing is all about technicality, even when it comes to the clothes you are wearing. Stick to the aforesaid rules about clothing and you will be golden. Fitness clothing subscription boxes are your best solutions for they are practical and save time. The subscription is available at affordable prices which makes the investment noteworthy.


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