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Pack a Punch With 4 Essentials Items That The Fitbox Includes

You have your life sorted- a beautiful girlfriend, high paying job, friendly boss, nice apartment, small car and great friends! But what about getting into shape? You finally got yourself the gym membership, but are skipping the sessions with a resolution to start tomorrow. Well, buddy, hate to break it but that ain’t happening anytime soon. Unless you make it achievable!

workout clothes subscription box

Fitness subscription sites and companies came up with a solution to motivate all the lazy bones- fitbox. Maintaining an element of surprise, the fitness box packs a punch. It is convenient and expedient as each month you get a box that is dedicated to a particular aspect. Thus, having it is a must! But what make it inescapable are the contents of the fitness clothing box. If you are interested to know more, then just read on for they are mentioned below (briefly yet with all details).

High functioning trainers

The type of shoe you choose depends much on the type of exercise you perform. So if you are going for high intensity fitness training, then take advantage of a pair of flat shoes that do not compress and can take huge load without a twitch. On contrary, if you are more of cardio guy, a pair of shoes which provide cushion to your feet is what you should be looking for. This will protect your ankle from twisting and lessen the intensity of blow that hits your feet every time you take a jump. While whichever type you pick, the pairs should absorb moist so as to keep your feet from sweating (and stinking).

Pair of comfy shorts

Length matters! And so does the print, texture and design! Know when to draw the line. Too short a short will put things on display and too big ones will make you feel like you are attending a beach party (minus the beach and the party!) so, a mid-thigh pair of shorts that comes with a perfect fit (not squashing your sensitive things together) is what you should be looking for. Mesh is the ideal material to allow yourself to breathe and move without much effort. The fabric should also wick sweat, not making you feel the tick like the pendulum of the grandfather clock.

Performance boosting t-shirt

Workout clothes subscription box packs a lot of essential pieces that are not only functional but also in sync with the latest trends. A t-shirt that covers your torso (no show off, please guys!) and soaks every drop of sweat is just ideal, for both sartorial and performance sake. Again, the fit is very important for neither flapping hem is good nor inability to turn the torso. Like a record on repeat, worth mentioning again, mesh is your fabric for it will prevent overheating. And you will be thankful when doing your final set of squat!

A versatile gym bag

The bag you choose for your gym has some significance- it should work both inside and outside the gym. You can argue that it will carry your sweat infused clothes, so how does it matter. It does! You don’t want to leave the gym looking like you went grocery shopping. And what if you are planning to hit the gym right after office? You really can’t walk around with a sack of plastic carrying your clothes. That is a crime! A leather canvas outside and an odour-killing lining inside is enough to get you through. Proper zipped compartments (at least two) and pockets are flawless.

Workout clothes monthly box contains all these and much more. When armed with the perfect gym equipment all of which is brought to you by the fitness subscription box, you will have no excuse to skip gym. So yes, acting as a perfect motivator, register for the subscription box and walk down the healthy path. They are affordable and do not pinch your pocket.


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