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Five Essentials to lose 15 pounds in 15 days

So many of us dream of dramatic weight losses; so many of us dream for ‘Baywatch body’! Sadly, dreams don’t always come true. Not at least if aren’t backed by hard work, right decisions and a plan.

Are you serious this time – serious to lose some serious weight?

How does cutting 15 pounds in 15 days sound?

Too good to be true?

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As ambitious as the challenge is, it is possible. Yes, you can lose 15 pounds in 15 days. Definitely it won’t be any easier; but why do you think we’re here then?!

Here are 5 essentials to help you make this drastic body transformation in just over 2 weeks:

A strict and healthy diet

If you’re looking to cut 15lbs quickly, diet should get the primary attention, ahead of workout. You must have a strict and healthy diet. It doesn’t have to be an insane one, neither should you starve yourself. There are people who contend for fasting to reach this challenging task. Don’t fast. Eat, but eat healthy; intake balanced nutrients. Talk to a good dietician.

Fitness clothes subscription box

To jump into a workout regimen, you need to prepare yourself for it first. You need the right set of fitness apparels, utility accessories and food supplements. You need to subscribe to a good fitness clothes monthly box that also packs other items. Look around and find a nice subscription based fitness product provider.

Thoughtful cardio and strength workout plan

Plan fitness sessions that mix cardio and strength workouts for maximum outcome. Combine resistant training with lunges, push-ups, dead lifts and more. Morning and everything, give 45-minutes in each session with around 7-minutes of post-workout anaerobic conditioning.

A fitness trainer

Sure, you can manage to plan a workout regimen yourself with help from countless blogs and DIY YouTube videos. But when you’re chasing such big challenge, it is essential that you have experienced (and friendly) trainers by you to keep yourself on track to your quest.


Head to forums and blogs and you’ll hear just how easily people get bored and out-of-enthusiasm with their fitness goals. So all the while, you must strive to keep yourself motivated. Invest your spare time in reading inspiring books and movies (Yes, Rocky!). Listen to motivating and psychedelic songs round the clock to keep yourself on your toes.

These are 5 essentials to cut 15lbs off your weight in just 15 days. Again, this is going to be tough. But if you’re persistent in your goal and are working hard, you can do this! Good Luck!!!

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Five Essentials to lose 15 pounds in 15 days


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