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New Mom around the Corner? Best Gift Boxes or Pretty Pyjamas? Here’s Our Take

Being a mum is one of the most challenging phases of life that involves everything from sleepless happy nights to changing diapers and constant feeding sessions. When it comes to showering her with some gifts, to pamper her, well that needs some good deal of contemplation.  She is no more the friend of yours, her life has drastically changes, and most importantly, she is a mother now. Motherhood is a very emotional affair, and from the painful labour to the exhilarating of catching a glimpse of the baby for the first time, your friend will go through a whirlwind of emotions.  Thus, the super mom definitely deserves some power packed gifts, no matter how busy you have been!

Best Gift Boxes

Hence, if you are all ready to flatter and make her feel super special, after some legwork, you are supposed to browse through the gift options for new moms.  Well, it is easier to shop inline as that is neither time neither consuming nor exhausting for you. From the best gift boxes to the pretty pyjamas and diaper bags, here are some options you could bank on.

The functional and fashionable diaper bag

Well, practically a mom’s life is incomplete without the quintessential diaper bag. Thus, gift her washable and eco-friendly, high quality cross-body, multi-compartment tote. This should be made form a very good fabric, so that this becomes apt for the everyday usage and doesn’t fade away in color or texture.

The nursing pillow

The nursing pillows with belts are the best choice for gifts to be given to the moms.  Thus, gift one that has got a soft and a firm side, and is quite cushiony to cuddle the baby to sleep properly, also adding to the utmost comfort of the mom while lulling them to sleep.  Definitely a piece of relaxation for them!

Some pretty pyjamas

The comfort of the mother is directly equivalent to the relaxation of the baby too, and hence you need to make the mom feel at ease and feel convenient.  You can go for the pretty pyjamas and night suits to gift her that will make her feel pretty and very comfortable. Make sure they are made of pure cotton, and allows the sweat to wick away at the soonest.  Choose the most colourful ones to keep her happy and charming.

Body oils and cosmetics

You can give her a box full of body oils and other cosmetics that help her regain the glow on her face, and get rid of the embarrassing stretch marks on belly. These are very helpful for the woman who has just conceived, as she too needs to get back to her original stance.

The magazine subscription

This would be great for the new mom as she gets to understand the details of motherhood for the magazine each month as it gets delivered to her doorstep.   Becoming a mother for the first time requires a lot of insight into this new world, and for this, the magazines are the best teachers.

Spa appointment

This is not a cliché gift, but something very different. Book a spa appointment for the mother so that she gets to relax for some time and forget about the stress that is caused by the post natal depression.

The gift boxes

If she is a fitness fanatic then the fitness subscription goodies or the clothes boxes, or the boxes for the little one that comes with diapers, and other baby products. These subscription boxes are pretty amazing and handy for the mothers. The best box gifts act as a great way to pamper the new mother.


New Mom around the Corner? Best Gift Boxes or Pretty Pyjamas? Here’s Our Take


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