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Met Gala 2018; 4 Inspired Clothes You Will Find In The Fitness Subscription Box

On May 7th, the whos-who of the fashion industry had gathered for the prestigious Met Gala. The theme this year- “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”. Controversial yet successful, the idea was to create a theme that showcased the balance between fashion and the masterpieces of religious significance that were on display in museums.

The influence of religion on fashion has been a major influence for centuries. This year the theme was to uphold this influence by putting on display the biggest testaments of religious sanctity. By placing fashion within the context of religious artistic production like paintings and literature, the clothes showcased feature true “imagination”.

fitness subscription boxes

When it comes to incorporating the same artistic imagination with the fitness apparels, the opportunity in abundance. The fit box subscription brings to you a range of gym apparels which focus on combining eccentric prints motivated from the eccentric religious pieces. Gold, red, black and white were the most recurring shades of the evening. Here are five such pieces which have been inspired by the extravagance at Met Gala. Keep reading to find out the latest additions to the box, which can be yours next month.

  • As mentioned, golden has been one of the most common hues witnessed on the outfits. Incorporating the same metallic golden palette with leggings might be noticed in abundance. The leggings are further embellished with bold prints in dark colors to complement the golden background, which is versatile enough to work beyond the workout sessions.
  • Red t-shirts with eclectic prints are emboldening beyond those sweat sessions. The tees come in an array of spectrum featuring red. Maroon, blood red, crimson and even a light red is combined with the t-shirt to create an appeal which is worth noticing.
  • White and gold is a timeless combination which can never get old. Featuring workout shirts in the same outline, however, featuring a different pattern for each piece produced. Alternatively, even an amalgamation of black and golden can be witnessed in the boxes in abundance.
  • Fringes and over-dramatic trails were also showcased in abundance on the red carpet of the Met Gala function. However, keeping functionality in mind (you don’t really want to slip and fall by tripping on the long trails!) the designers of the fitness clothes have induced fringes and asymmetric hems. This looks dramatic enough and when combined with other over-the-top artistic impressions, the fitness clothes look quirky enough to work in the gym and beyond.

Thus, with the Met Gala indulgence all over the fashion world right now, it only makes sense that these be included in the fitness-fashion industry as well. The clothes in the fitness clothes subscription are high on the fashion quotient but include just as much functionality as well. Balancing both well, the clothes will definitely make you feel heavenly.

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Met Gala 2018; 4 Inspired Clothes You Will Find In The Fitness Subscription Box


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